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Welcome to West Stats

Om te starten of door te gaan met het cowboy browserspel The West log dan in op de officiële website.

Je kan ook een kijke nemen op de The West pagina op innogames.com om meer te leren over The West en andere online games gemaakt en gepubliceerd door InnoGames. Wordt een fan op Facebook, volg ons op Google+ of abonneer je op het Youtube kanaal om altijd up-to-date te blijven met The West.

This site aims to be the most in-depth and comprehensive guide, statistic and tool resource for Innogames' popular new game, The West.

We've recently updated our site with a brand new design and the latest information on quests, item sets and more!

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13th Sep 2011 - We've fixed our import scripts to work again on all browsers. Additionally, items, jobs, item sets and more have been updated.

6th Apr 2011 - Fixed belts and pants not showing up in town search.

6th Jan 2011 - We've updated the town import script to properly support belts and pants. The town trader page and shops page should now also display them properly.

6th Jan 2011 - Sorry for the recent downtime. Our server encountered problems.

27th Dec 2010 - The job calculator has been updated to include pants and belts.

24th Dec 2010 - The inventory import script in Internet Explorer should also now be fixed.

24th Dec 2010 - We've now added the full list of jobs, but not their affiliated products. Please note that the job calculator does not yet support belts or pants.

23rd Dec 2010 - The import script has been updated to recognise belts and pants.

19th Dec 2010 - Added some belts and pants. Note that these will not be included in all calculator functions until all versions of The-West have been updated to include the new items.

5th Dec 2010 - Added new item sets and items, corrected inaccuracies with a lot of existing items and updated all translations.

28th Oct 2010 - Fixed a couple of bugs caused by a server move.

8th Sep 2010 - The Norwegian version of The-West is now supported.

17th Aug 2010 - Added the 5th item to the Dancer item set.

15th Aug 2010 - The town shop import should now be working again.

5th Aug 2010 - The West was recently updated with new quests and items! If you find anything we don't have on our site, please do contact us so we can update our database. Thanks!

18th Jul 2010 - Fixed several bugs in the job calculator, especially with the Farmer's set. Should improve accuracy.

17th Jul 2010 - The town listing now sorts towns correctly. In addition to this, only information updated in the last 4 months is shown.

17th Jul 2010 - The job calculator now includes products in its calculations.